A message from our Pastors

Hey Journey Church! I hope your day is treating you with great joy and blessing!
It seems that every day the events, circumstances, challenges, and life is changing.  It’s changing at a rapid pace.  These changes are at time exhausting, but nonetheless they often require us to be adaptable and mobile as well.
We have taken an approach as a leadership team at Journey Church to be flexible during this ever-changing time.   In the flexibility we still believe that our mission is to see others experience transformation through Jesus and being and doing our best to achieve this mission!
There have been a few foundational principles that have guided us as a team, and church during these last few months. We pray that these principles will continue to direct us in the future.  I would like to share these with you for your understanding, and would you partner with us in prayer during this season.
Every decision and action: 
  •  Every decision will be made by seeking God’s wisdom and staying surrendered to what we feel He is saying not necessarily what we want. 
  • Every decision and action weighs heavily with the consideration of the health, well-being, and safety of our church, it’s attendees and community. 
  • With every decision and action, we endeavor to promote Peace over fear. 
  • With every decision and action, we consider how it may affect our influence to the community we serve. It is our desire to eliminate any obstacles, or interference for others to experience the love of Christ. 
  • Attempts to maintain a spirit of unity and bonds of peace during such a tumultuous time. 
We understand that some of what we are facing will be subjected to opinions and viewed from individual means; however, we are doing our best to move with God’s leading, and with integrity of heart, as well as making decisions to protect our people and community.
Understanding the framework by which we make decisions, and hopefully understanding our heart to represent Christ and his mission, I would like to address this next season.
In light of our Mayor and his proclamation that was instituted effective June 19th, 2020 there have been questions as to how it affects us at Journey Church.  Our desire is to honor those in authority over us.  This includes not only God, but also civil authority as well.  The proclamation may draw different opinions, but we want to communicate how we believe Journey will proceed. 
  1. We will continue our in-service gatherings at 9 and 11 am on Sundays, and our Spanish speaking service at 6 pm Sunday evening. 
  2. We have already made adjustments to accommodate the “close public settings” as prescribed in the proclamation.  We are making some adjustments to better provide more space in our worship center that will ensure the health of all in attendance.  We will also be providing livestream service for our overflow seating in student center during these gatherings. 
  3. We will continue to provide an environment that is “contact free” from the parking lot to the chairs. 
  4. We do not feel the need to require masks or face coverings at this time; however, we encourage you to make this decision for yourself.   Because of the decisions we’ve made to accommodate the “close public setting”, we do not feel that masks are necessary, and not required.   Masks will be available at the door if you would like one.  We will not make this a divisive issue, but leave it to your discretion and choosing.  As you consider what decision you make regarding this, we will continue to be warm and welcoming of all…regardless of this decision. 
  5. We will continue to clean, sanitize, and take measures regularly to provide an environment of safety and peace of mind. 
  6. We ask that if you are vulnerable, at risk, not feeling well, or been exposed to anyone with COVID19 that you refrain from “in person” gatherings and join us for online church every Sunday at 9 am.  We are privileged that you are a part of our online community, and we look forward to seeing you “in-person” soon.  Please let us know if we can partner with you during this season.  Social distance doesn’t mean spiritual distance and we are available if you need anything. 
  7. All services at the church campus will operate with the same guidelines explained here.
  8. Any off-site gatherings will be addressed by your current oversight, and will be communicated accordingly. 
During these divisive, complex times it is paramount that the body of Christ be a light that can be looked at for guidance, and the community we live in will be influenced by the unity and peace that we operate from.
Thank you for your flexibility and understanding in these ever-changing days, and we will continue to inform you of any necessary changes that may need attention or any new developments.
God bless you!